Thursday, May 30, 2019

If The Sun Comes Out Tomorrow

Hello my friends!

I am a fair weather Gardener. . 
The weather can not be too cold or too hot.

Utah has had the 2nd wettest Spring.
That is a big deal for us,
Utah is the 2nd driest state.
Nevada is the driest.
So. . . 
I can't complain for not being able
to work in my yard. . 
In my neck of the woods storm clouds and rain
are blessings from Mother Nature.

Now I have a short window of time to
get my yard ready for

The weatherman is predicting 
for the weekend.

I will be ready to get my Gardening done.
I call it Yard Decorating.

I can hardly wait,

Check back and see if
Mother Nature cooperated with me
and my plans.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Summer Is Here ~ I Think

Oh my goodness it is the end of May
And I am so far behind with
my scheduled chores for this time of year!

Thank goodness school is over and I will be 
on Summer break, But
I will be trying to catch up.

I have been busy for some very
special reasons ~


High School Graduation for these two
precious Granddaughters of mine,
Oh my Heart!
I am so proud of them both.
The door of opportunities are opening for them
And I am so excited for them both.

It is always a family affair for us,
We are Family! 
We support each other.

The big graduation party will be next week-end.
So the Celebration will continue. 

That is another thing we love to do.
Celebration Time! 

Weather predictions are in our favor.
This unrelenting rain is suppose to quit.
I hope so, not only for the party but
also for my yard!.
Oh yes, the trees, shrubs, grass and flowers love it,
But, I can't get anything planted.
And my poor little patio is wanting to
be decorated.  My post are just filled with dirt.

I am anxious to get outside and start working in my tiny 
backyard.  I love rain, but 
I am so over looking at gray dreary days.
Hopefully I can have things looking good this week.

I did take time to enjoy some
Me Time!
Me and my childhood BFF went to the
Motherland.  We had a great time, 
(we always do.) 
Memorial Weekend is when we go and
decorate the graves of our loved ones.
I was blessed to have my brother join us.
Me at my husband's grave.
Oh how I miss him.  He has been gone for
27 years.  It feels like forever.
My brother and I at our Grandparents grave.
All of out Grandparents were a very important part of our 
lives.  It was their steady and firm lives that gave us
stability and love in our sometimes Topsy - Turvy lives.

And our parents graves.

So now it is another busy week ahead.
Just busy in a different way.

I hope where ever you are
the sky is blue!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

It Is A Busy Spring!

Welcome and Hello
I am so happy you stopped by.

Isn't it amazing how fast time is going!
And how busy we all are.
Some days I cannot believe how
much needs to be done in my day.

I thought by the time I reached my age, life 
would slow down. . .  Well!
It seems I am just as busy but
in different ways and areas of my life.
And the challenging thing is 
I don't have the energy level I had
when I was younger.
My mind tells me. . "oh sure you can
do that project in just a few hours,"
But my body says. . . "no way!"
Surprising . . my Body is always right. 

Well, here are a few of the things that
I have been working on.. . . 

Changing a few things in the living room.
Nothing fancy, just change.

I will leave things as they are until I decorate
with some of my July decor.

I don't think I showed you my new chair.
Oh how I like this chair!
Simple classic lines.
And I love the tufting on the back.
(Pier 1 on sale)

This is what has taken my time
and energy.  And worry. . how was I going
to get it done the way I wanted it.
It is Spring, and it is rainy in Utah right now.
So fast work needed to be done in my 
"little backyard."
Weather waits for no one.

A new gravel path. . . flower bed has
new dirt and edging.
I can't wait for the seeds to start sprouting.
I also have pots of flowers to add.

Like I said pots need to be planted.
And the shed needs to be painted.
But for now I must be patient until the rain stops.

I live in a condo with a very tiny backyard.
It is perfect for me. . . Just the right size for my
flowers, shrubs, and a little patio.
It is my little oasis. . . I love it!

Next time I will show you the patio table
I am getting ready to paint once the rain stops.
I found it "curb side"  a free "treasure"

Have a beautiful day!
Remember to smile and
be kind!

The front of my cottage condo.
Maintenance takes care of the front yard.
I always decorate my front porch.  
Even as small as it is, I still add flowers
and decorations.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Decorating Trends ~ Who Decides?

Hello....and I hope today is a sunny happy day for you.
I have wondered this for a long time. . .
Who makes the decision on what is a popular
trend in decorating our homes?
And for that matter who decides the latest
fashions we wear?

It seems there are people who will jump on 
the latest trends and soon everyone is 
decorating or wearing ridiculous styles.

Case in point
Who decided cows are the popular art of the day?
Everyone needs a big "ugly" cow
hanging on a wall in their home.
Hanging over the kitchen table,
or slobbering in the living room.

Now don't get me wrong!  I like cows but
not in my home!

I prefer to not have a big bovine looking at me
while I eat, or for that matter anything I am doing.
When I see a painting of a single cow, I do not
find beauty, I do not find serenity, no do I find
meaning in the painting.

Now on the other hand. . .

This picture I find 
Beauty, serenity, I see the visual story.
I think this painting is beautiful.
I would have it anywhere in my home.

I guess beauty in art is in the eyes of the beholder.

Thank goodness we can decorate as we please.
There is a variety of styles to choose from.

For me. . . NO! Cows!
Oh, and I don't like owl's  
And I don't care who says certain
things are popular or "in-style."
If I don't like it, it does not go in my house.
As for my house, I do what is pleasing
to my eye, and makes me feel comfy and secure.

How about you? 
Do you follow popular trends?
Or do you do what is pleasing to you?

Have a wonderful day.

I am a little off kilter today.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Welcome To May

May Days
Spring Days
Mother's Day
Graduation Day
Last Day of School
Memorial Day

The tulips are gorgeous in my son's yard

Every year I say I am going to plant tulip bulbs in 
the fall so I have beautiful Spring Tulips. . .
But. . . I forget to do it.

I love tulips. . . well, there are very few flowers I don't love.
Seriously, what would we do without flowers in our
yards, and our parks, and in our fields, and in
our homes, and Everywhere!

May is the month for school to be out for the summer break.
Last days of college, until fall time. . .saying good bye
to friends you have spent many days and nights with
Living away from home for the first time.
Eventually, you love it, and when it is time to say
good-bye to roommates and new friends,
it is almost as hard as it was to say hello!

 May is the time for high school and college graduation. . 
Long days and nights of studying, school activities 
and all the fun and drama of young adulthood soon
comes to and end. . . 

It is onward and upward.
A new door has opened and new
adventures and experiences await.

I hope I can get somethings done in
my tiny little yard this week-end.
It is rainy here in my little spot of earth.
So if it is raining, I will have to do
other things that need to be done in my house.
Ya, housework waits for no one.

Have a Beautiful day!