Saturday, May 18, 2019

It Is A Busy Spring!

Welcome and Hello
I am so happy you stopped by.

Isn't it amazing how fast time is going!
And how busy we all are.
Some days I cannot believe how
much needs to be done in my day.

I thought by the time I reached my age, life 
would slow down. . .  Well!
It seems I am just as busy but
in different ways and areas of my life.
And the challenging thing is 
I don't have the energy level I had
when I was younger.
My mind tells me. . "oh sure you can
do that project in just a few hours,"
But my body says. . . "no way!"
Surprising . . my Body is always right. 

Well, here are a few of the things that
I have been working on.. . . 

Changing a few things in the living room.
Nothing fancy, just change.

I will leave things as they are until I decorate
with some of my July decor.

I don't think I showed you my new chair.
Oh how I like this chair!
Simple classic lines.
And I love the tufting on the back.
(Pier 1 on sale)

This is what has taken my time
and energy.  And worry. . how was I going
to get it done the way I wanted it.
It is Spring, and it is rainy in Utah right now.
So fast work needed to be done in my 
"little backyard."
Weather waits for no one.

A new gravel path. . . flower bed has
new dirt and edging.
I can't wait for the seeds to start sprouting.
I also have pots of flowers to add.

Like I said pots need to be planted.
And the shed needs to be painted.
But for now I must be patient until the rain stops.

I live in a condo with a very tiny backyard.
It is perfect for me. . . Just the right size for my
flowers, shrubs, and a little patio.
It is my little oasis. . . I love it!

Next time I will show you the patio table
I am getting ready to paint once the rain stops.
I found it "curb side"  a free "treasure"

Have a beautiful day!
Remember to smile and
be kind!

The front of my cottage condo.
Maintenance takes care of the front yard.
I always decorate my front porch.  
Even as small as it is, I still add flowers
and decorations.  

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  1. It is all looking so good, and I always admire your front porch and landscape.


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