Saturday, June 29, 2019

Decorating for July 4th

One more day and we say 
Good bye to beautiful June.
Oh darn! I like June.
But, I must say I really like
decorating for July 4th

So, that is what I am finishing up today.

I will be back with a few pics
of the inside of my house
and my 4th of July

So please come back.....

Thursday, June 27, 2019

New To The Shed

I know you are tired of seeing 
The Yellow Shed.
I know, I know!
But I had to show you the newest decoration.

My original idea for "Over The Door"
was this cute metal and wood
arch decoration
on sale of course at
Hobby Lobby.

 I tell you. . you are never "Finished"
when decorating there is always 
some tweaking to do
Add something, take something away.
Oh my, it can get kind of complicated.

Now I've got to figure out where
I am going to put my Dragonfly.
Maybe under the Route 66
Or should I hang it on the fence?

The wind was blowing, and still is,
when I took this picture.
The sky was overcast.
So. . . picture is not the best.

I can't promise you won't see the
Yellow Shed for awhile.
But I do plan to show you 
some of my other decorating 
and also a project or two.

I hope you are enjoying your

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


This journey we call life is the most
interesting journey of all.
We can take as many vacations, tours,
adventures as we could possible take in a lifetime 
but none will give the varying degrees of
excitement, wonder, happiness and perhaps mystery
that your own life journey will give.
The journey of life changes.
The vistas and scenery changes. . .
Even the excitement and happiness can change.
There can always be a mystery, or possibly
the mystery will unfold.

For me many tears are shed
as I travel this road of life

Somewhere in time there is a beautiful
clear blue lake of water that has been
created and filled by a waterfall of
My Tears.
(Google Image)

I know each of us must pass through the various
stages of life. And for most it is an easy transition.
But some transitions are hard and for some of us
they are extremely hard.
I am facing a transition now. . . 
Some of life's little twist and turns is happening.

I don't do changes well.
Oh how I know change is part of life.
Life is about change and 
nothing stays the same.

I feel hollow inside right now.
I just don't want to face this change.
I know the process, and I don't need
lectures, and advise. . 
I built my Cathedral's long ago.
But even a Cathedral can fall.

Monday, June 24, 2019

July 4th Patio

Well Hello!
Thank you for stopping to visit my blog.
I have been working on my 
Tiny Back Yard.
I just finished the Yellow Shed which
was a lot of work so it was fun to do
some decorating today.
You can check out the Yellow Shed here.

A couple of young ladies from my 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints ward 
came to help me do some window washing.
Ha Ha Ha! we didn't wash a single window!

Instead of washing windows we decorated the patio
for July 4th.  We brought out the tote with the
decorations and I turned the girls loose to decorate.
Here they are with Cash. . . My little dogs loved the attention.

 It is a cute whimsical casual decorating.

A birthday party celebrating the greatest
country on this earth.
The United States of America.
Not another country comes close to the
Mighty and the Strong USA.
The freedoms we have are beyond our understanding.  
We are a blessed people.

Windows can wait for another day.
Decorating the Tiny Patio was much more fun.
I had a great time with my young friends.

Like I have always said nothing is ever finished.
I will be fussing and re-arranging for several days.
I still have some patriotic pillow covers to make.

So what are you doing in your
home and patio/yard?
As I have visited other blogs
I am amazed at the beautiful blogs and the 
creative talent behind them.  
Especially the ones that are
"The One Woman Show."
Just one woman putting together blog posts 
day after day. With her own photos and
her own words describing her creative genius. 

Have a great summer day!

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

It Is All Worth It

It is finished , anyway for now.

Seriously, I am tired.
It has been a difficult and time consuming project.
It is funny how you think you can get it 
done in a day. And a week later
you are still working on it.

You can get an idea of how the tiny yard is laid out.
Where I am standing, taking the picture,
is the little patio.
That will be another reveal coming up soon.
I wanted all this done before the end of June.
When July comes it is usually too hot
to do much outside.

I got this cute red scroll wall decor
from Hobby Lobby.  On sale of course.
Actually Gina my daughter-in-law found it.
It was intended to go just above the double doors.
But when we got home and tried it. . . .
UGH! it was an inch too long!
So plan "B" went into effect.
On the side it went.

I have something else coming for above the doors.

Just so I had room for my 
Route 66
I have kind of made Route 66 my little 
symbol of life.
I liken it to 1966.
A lot of things happened in my life in 
Good things. . . Happy Times.
New beginnings, and life changes.
It is kind of my moniker, my symbol.
So I like the Route 66 signs and images.

Well, it is Saturday and I have a lot to do.

Have a wonderful day
May Sun Shine fill your soul today.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

A Lot of This And That

Well Hello, my friends!
Thank you so much for stopping by
and spending a few minutes with me
I am just wandering and wondering
about this and that!

I have been working had to get things
ready to show you my finished (?)
patio, shed and yard.
Is anything in the home or the
yard ever really finished,
It seems to me there is always something
that needs to be taken care of, rearranged,
or just simply changed.

Here is a sneak peek of
The Yellow Shed

Oh the magic of paint!
Paint can transform just about anything
into something. . . .!
I can't wait to show you the 
FULL reveal.
I just have a little bit more
fussing to do with it.

And July 4th
is just around the corner.
I am cutting back on decorations,
but geez!  The 4th is a big deal to me.
I love celebrating the great and  the mighty
United States of America. .
So I have started putting a few things out.

And just look at this little beauty!
I was so excited to see my Clematis blooming.
I didn't think she was going to.
The winter was hard, and then it rained all through
April and May and half of June.
Plants need the beautiful rain, but they also need sunshine
and warm days.
Well she bloomed and. . . . . 

She bloomed a second one.
And guess what?
She has buds all over her vines.
She will bloom ore beautiful flowers.
It makes me happy to see blooms on
my garden plants.

Now there is another part of my Tiny Yard
I have not shown you.

The Patio.
It is not ready to reveal, hopefully
in the next day or two.
This is where I do my "yard sittin"
I love to just chill. . .zone out. . .
meditate. . . pray. . . read my scriptures. . 
or read a good book.
I can't wait to show you this patio
when it is all fixed up.

There is a lot of this and that in a day.
Doing, working, helping, and the list goes on.
Life is always in motion. . . 
it is never finished. . . it keeps changing,
and evolving.  Hopefully moving in the direction
of good, beauty, and refinement.

Have a wonder time
doing a lot of this and that.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Slow Down ~ Enjoy Life

Thank you for stopping by.
I know that time is precious for everyone
so. . . I am grateful you are spending
a few minutes visiting me and my blog.

Boy, time is zipping by!
I feel like I am on the fast track.

I have to tell myself. . ."life is not a race."
"Slow down.....Enjoy!

My flowers are really starting to come into 
full bloom.  Oh they are lovely.
Speaking of my flowers, 
that brings up what I have been spending all of
my time doing. . . Remember my Yellow Shed?
Well I have been busy painting it.
I can't wait to show you.
I still need to finish the painting the red trim.

Oh my it has about done me in.
It is hot. . . and I have a small window of time
when the Shed is in shade.
And to top things off my air conditioning is not working.

I am telling you I don't do well in heat.
I have fans in about every room.
So painting the Shed, I would come inside
and stand in front of a fan
with a cold wet wash cloth covering my face.

But it is almost finished.
I can hopefully slow down a little
and enjoy my Tiny Yard, and not
feel I am on the fast track.

I hope you are able to enjoy 
the summer and your surroundings.

P.S. AC guy is coming today.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Tiny Yellow Shed ~ Waiting To Paint

Well hello!
I am happy you come to visit me
and see what is going on in my
part of the Universe. . .

Have you ever stopped to think about 
the vastness of our existence?
The Earth is huge,
And it is part of this never ending 
Universe. . . .my mind can't handle it.
So. . . I am just going to concentrate on my
Tiny Yard
And today I will tell you about my
Yellow Shed!

Well, actually I am waiting for payday
so I can paint it.

Excuse the "needing to be painted" red trim.
But. . . Hey some of us are on a tight budget
and we have to wait for payday.
It can't get here fast enough. . . I want to get
the shed painted before it turns Hot. . 

I jumped the gun just a little.  I had somethings to
hang on the Yellow Shed. . .and I just couldn't wait
until it was painted.  I can remove them when I paint.

The Route 66 sign come from Hobby Lobby, 
of course on sale. Why do I have
Route 66?  I like it.
It is part of America.  It is History.
And it has some personal Historical 
meaning to me.

The letter "J" is obviously a special letter to me.
I love the name and the initial.
My youngest son's family gave it to me as a gift.
I like how the name is carved into the wood.

Oh and the dragonfly! I fell in love with it the
minute I saw it. . . Colorful and Beautiful.
Two things I really like
Believe it or not a dragonfly reminds me of 
someone I once loved.

So now. . . Hopefully this weekend I can get the
Yellow Shed all painted and beautiful. 

I don't thing my Tiny Yard will ever be 
to the point that I can say

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

What I Did With A Tiny Back Yard

Well, Hello!
I am happy you stopped by.

I have been working in my yard
on and off for several weeks.  As I explained
in a previous post, it has constantly rained
seriously for several months. 
Very unusual for where I live.
Believe me I am not complaining.  I believe
rain is a blessing. 

None the less I am happy to finally be able
to do some planting and fussing in my
Tiny Back Yard.

I did need some help. . . I wanted to have a gravel path 
and my flowerbeds needed fresh dirt and I wanted them wider.
I can no longer do the "hard work." So I had a little
muscle help from a handyman. I really appreciate
the help and getting it done in a timely manner.

I still need to paint my shed.  It isn't a "She Shed!"
It is a "Working Shed,"  All of my pots and garden art goes
in the shed after late September.
It is part of the tiny yard and I like it to be looking
"pretty" so it needs to be freshened up.
Hopefully I will be able to get to it soon.

I now have another project I am working on.  
I can't wait to get it finished and show it to you.

Just look at this beautiful flower!
I don't remember the name of it, but I do
remember it is a hardy plant and drought resistant.
Which is always a plus when living in Utah.
It is actually a ground cover but
I have it in a pot.  In the fall or next spring
I will transplant it from the pot to the ground.
Isn't it beautiful?

Little Teddy photo bombed several times. Look at his little front leg.
  He is in a pose.. . . Oh what a Character he is.  
And I love him and his brother
Cash to pieces.  Cash is more obedient and shy,
I couldn't get a picture of him.

Teddy is just like my children.
He does not "mind" me.
He ignores my commands.
Why not?  Like I said just like my children.
So stinkin cute, and I love them!

Weather permitting I will have the rest of my Tiny Yard
completed in the next couple of days.
Like I said I hope to show you the project I am working on.
I hope it turns out how I have it in my mind.

Be sure to come back . . .There's more to come!

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