Friday, June 21, 2019

A Lot of This And That

Well Hello, my friends!
Thank you so much for stopping by
and spending a few minutes with me
I am just wandering and wondering
about this and that!

I have been working had to get things
ready to show you my finished (?)
patio, shed and yard.
Is anything in the home or the
yard ever really finished,
It seems to me there is always something
that needs to be taken care of, rearranged,
or just simply changed.

Here is a sneak peek of
The Yellow Shed

Oh the magic of paint!
Paint can transform just about anything
into something. . . .!
I can't wait to show you the 
FULL reveal.
I just have a little bit more
fussing to do with it.

And July 4th
is just around the corner.
I am cutting back on decorations,
but geez!  The 4th is a big deal to me.
I love celebrating the great and  the mighty
United States of America. .
So I have started putting a few things out.

And just look at this little beauty!
I was so excited to see my Clematis blooming.
I didn't think she was going to.
The winter was hard, and then it rained all through
April and May and half of June.
Plants need the beautiful rain, but they also need sunshine
and warm days.
Well she bloomed and. . . . . 

She bloomed a second one.
And guess what?
She has buds all over her vines.
She will bloom ore beautiful flowers.
It makes me happy to see blooms on
my garden plants.

Now there is another part of my Tiny Yard
I have not shown you.

The Patio.
It is not ready to reveal, hopefully
in the next day or two.
This is where I do my "yard sittin"
I love to just chill. . .zone out. . .
meditate. . . pray. . . read my scriptures. . 
or read a good book.
I can't wait to show you this patio
when it is all fixed up.

There is a lot of this and that in a day.
Doing, working, helping, and the list goes on.
Life is always in motion. . . 
it is never finished. . . it keeps changing,
and evolving.  Hopefully moving in the direction
of good, beauty, and refinement.

Have a wonder time
doing a lot of this and that.

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