Saturday, June 22, 2019

It Is All Worth It

It is finished , anyway for now.

Seriously, I am tired.
It has been a difficult and time consuming project.
It is funny how you think you can get it 
done in a day. And a week later
you are still working on it.

You can get an idea of how the tiny yard is laid out.
Where I am standing, taking the picture,
is the little patio.
That will be another reveal coming up soon.
I wanted all this done before the end of June.
When July comes it is usually too hot
to do much outside.

I got this cute red scroll wall decor
from Hobby Lobby.  On sale of course.
Actually Gina my daughter-in-law found it.
It was intended to go just above the double doors.
But when we got home and tried it. . . .
UGH! it was an inch too long!
So plan "B" went into effect.
On the side it went.

I have something else coming for above the doors.

Just so I had room for my 
Route 66
I have kind of made Route 66 my little 
symbol of life.
I liken it to 1966.
A lot of things happened in my life in 
Good things. . . Happy Times.
New beginnings, and life changes.
It is kind of my moniker, my symbol.
So I like the Route 66 signs and images.

Well, it is Saturday and I have a lot to do.

Have a wonderful day
May Sun Shine fill your soul today.

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  1. Karie!!
    I just love it!! Now you know those are the colors of my Kitchen!! LOL!!
    Love the scroll work and you did a great job using it in another place than where you intended...I always over estimate the time a project is going to take..You definitely should be proud of your self!!


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