Monday, June 24, 2019

July 4th Patio

Well Hello!
Thank you for stopping to visit my blog.
I have been working on my 
Tiny Back Yard.
I just finished the Yellow Shed which
was a lot of work so it was fun to do
some decorating today.
You can check out the Yellow Shed here.

A couple of young ladies from my 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints ward 
came to help me do some window washing.
Ha Ha Ha! we didn't wash a single window!

Instead of washing windows we decorated the patio
for July 4th.  We brought out the tote with the
decorations and I turned the girls loose to decorate.
Here they are with Cash. . . My little dogs loved the attention.

 It is a cute whimsical casual decorating.

A birthday party celebrating the greatest
country on this earth.
The United States of America.
Not another country comes close to the
Mighty and the Strong USA.
The freedoms we have are beyond our understanding.  
We are a blessed people.

Windows can wait for another day.
Decorating the Tiny Patio was much more fun.
I had a great time with my young friends.

Like I have always said nothing is ever finished.
I will be fussing and re-arranging for several days.
I still have some patriotic pillow covers to make.

So what are you doing in your
home and patio/yard?
As I have visited other blogs
I am amazed at the beautiful blogs and the 
creative talent behind them.  
Especially the ones that are
"The One Woman Show."
Just one woman putting together blog posts 
day after day. With her own photos and
her own words describing her creative genius. 

Have a great summer day!

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