Wednesday, July 24, 2019

July 24th ~ Pioneer Heritage ~ Celebration

I am glad you stopped by.

It's another HOT Summer day!
And also it is a holiday today in Utah.
Every year we Celebrate our
Pioneer Heritage.
July 1847 Brigham Young proclaimed
"This Is The Place"
From that time forward until the 
Transcontinental Railroad was completed in 
May 1869 thousand of members of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
traveled the treacherous terrain of the Mormon Trail
Crossing 1300 miles of desert plains, 
high rocky mountain passes. Crossing overflowing
streams and rivers. Rainy days and hot sunny days, 
freezing weather, muddy trails. Disease, death, childbirth,
accidents, hardships and heartache.
All this and more.
With Courage and Faith.
Believing in a living God.

Faith In Every Footstep.

They are mine and I am theirs

I am who I am because of them!
I will forever be thankful for my Pioneer Heritage.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

The New Look Is Completed

Hello my friends!
I am so happy you stopped by.
It is a hot Summer Day.
I am so thankful for
Air Conditioning!

Well, she is finished, complete, and
Her name is Beth.  Yes, I name my furniture
Just like someone else I know . . .

Before I show the Beautiful Beth
Let's see the before.

I have loved decorating my beautiful girl.
I got her from my Great Auntie Colleen.
Many people wanted her but I was the lucky one.
But darn it. . . I tired of her.  We both needed something 

And here she is!
I love her new look
(and so does she)
Some people may call it
Farmhouse style.  Oh No, No!
It is
Karie's House Style.

I am overjoyed with her new look!
It goes perfect in my home.
She is an eye-catcher.

I have been on a painting spree.  And this old body feels it.
I will take a break for a couple of days
and then I have a few small projects to do.
Hanging above "Beth", is my beautiful
picture of the 
Salt Lake Temple.
(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

I think I need to change the color of the frame
so it will be in harmony with the colors of the buffet, Beth.

So this is a new project to be finished ASAP!

It just seems one thing leads to another.
It is all good. . . It is hot outside,
So staying inside my air conditioned home
is fine with me.

I hope you are safe, and 
protected from the summer heat.
Have a blessed day.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Painting Projects ~ Finished

Hello my friends!
It is a beautiful summer day
and it is very HOT!
I hope you are staying safe and cool.

Boy, I tell you I have been busy.
It seems I have several projects that have been
waiting for my attention and now 
was the time to tackle them.

So with brush in hand and a can of paint
The work began.  As all things go, 
one thing lead to another.

First thing was this cute little table.

 I found this several years a go at DI,
I should have taken a picture if the before.
It was pathetic!
But I liked it.
Is She not cute?
I used Behr Chalk (Home Depot) paint on her.
Farmhouse White.
And for the top I used Behr Chalk Paint
Coffee Bean. And then on the top
I wanted it to look like wood grain.
So I used Black Walnut stain.
It was a delight to do.
The stain really gave it a wood grain look.
I sealed it with Polyurethane. 

This little darling is the stool that my little Teddy 
uses to get up onto my bed.  
I found it at a flea market.
It looked ok, just not my colors. 
Soooo....I painted the wood the same
chalk paint as the table,
I found this cute fabric at Joann's
30% off regular price.
It is perfect and Teddy likes it too.

Now here she is the Queen's Thrown Chair!

I must have been shaky and tired when I took this picture.

I really like how she turned out.
As you can see I distressed her, just a little.
And she got a new seat.
I used the same fabric as the little stool.

The chair was also found at DI.
She really is a treasure and a beauty.

Like I said one thing leads to another.
I spend yesterday and last night on another
project.  It is a big one!
But I think I will be able to show you tomorrow.

I love decorating my house.  I follow no rules,
I like what I like and that is what I surround myself with.
I gather ideas from here and there.
I don't have the budget like many bloggers have.
If I want change in my decor, I can't just
go out and buy it, nor do I have "sponsors"
or "connections".  I have to do it with the
Mother of all Creations. . . 
My own Creativity and a lot of Work!
And I like it that way.

Stayed tuned, I have another project soon to
be ready and shown,

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Catching Up With Projects

Wow!  Time is getting away from me!
I feel like once mid-July hits
Summer is on the down slide.

 (The view from my front window)

No, I don't want Summer to be on the down side.
I love Summer.
I still work. .  Part-time. . . Elementary School Secretary.
So Summer is "My Time"
I am busy during the summer months
It is my time to 
Catch up on what I'm too tired to get 
done when I am working.

(Trish's flowers)

So today I have been busy painting.
I will show you when I have it finished.
It is a little table I use in my bathroom.

Then. . . there is a cute little chair that
is waiting to have the seat recovered
So I bought some fabric yesterday so I can 
recover the seat. . . also . . .
the little footstool Teddy uses to get on top of my bed
needs to also to be recovered.

If that isn't enough. . . I bought
more fabric. . . !
I already have enough to start my
own fabric store. . .
I want to get some quilts done 
for my kids. . .

So what is on your 
"Catch up Project List?"

Have a great week.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Beautiful Sabbath

Beautiful Sabbath
Day of Prayer and Worship
Jesus Christ
Savior and King

Maybe we do complicate things.
All He asks is to Follow Him
We can keep it simple if we
Love as He loves.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Hollkyhock Memories

Hello!  I am so glad you stopped by.
I hope we are all recovered from the
4th of July.
It is a big deal around here.
And you know how much I love it.
Well, after all the decorating, planning 
and the excitement of being with my family
and friends, BBQ, Fireworks!
Parade. .. . Rodeo. . 
Oh yes.  It is a big celebrataion.
And guess what?
I missed it? Yes I missed it!
I was sick with a
I was so upset . . . I missed it!

Well I am ok now. After it is over. . .
Today I have a tender memory to share with you.
My friend Trish ask me if I liked Hollyhock's

I love Hollyhock's.  
They remind me of my childhood 

Trish ask if I had ever made a Hollyhock doll?
Yes, yes!  I made Hollyhock dolls from the 
beautiful bloom of the Hollyhock.

Many summer evenings me and my Grandma Dot
would walk to my Grandma's friend Beth's house.
She just lived a block away.  Beth had a big
beautiful back yard, tall old trees gave a lot of shade
and she had a lot of flowers and garden paths.
She and Grandma would sit in Beth's long swing that
had a soft cushion and a canopy over the top.
They would sip on sweet lemon tea in tall
ice filled glasses and catch up on all the
things that was happening in our little town
and neighborhood.

Beth showed me how to make
Hollyhock doll's.
While she and my Grandma visited
I was picking Hollyhock's and making dolls.
My imagination would carry me away 
as I made those sweet flower dolls.
Soon it would be time for me and Grandma to
walk back home before it got dark.

Oh how I cherish this tender memory of 
my precious Grandma Dot and her friend Beth
and Hollyhock Dolls.

Have you ever made Hollyhock dolls?

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 4th Of July!

The Best Birthday Party 
Is set for today. . .
We celebrate 
years of the 
Greatest Country 
on this earth.
The United States of America.

. . America, America may God Shed 
His Grace on Thee. . 

. . She still waves over. . 
the Land of the Free 
The Home of the Brave. . . 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

July Porch ~ Welcome

It is a lovely day in the neighborhood!
Welcome to my porch.

It is a tiny porch.
I think it is called a "stoop".
 I always had a big front porch until
I moved here....Oh how I miss my porches.

I believe no matter where you live to make it as
pretty as you possibly can.
And if it doesn't have a big porch, do the best
you can to make your tiny "stoop" as inviting and
welcoming as you can.

It really is a beautiful day.
It will be one of the coolest 4th of July that
we have ever had.  
I personally love it. . ,I don't handle heat very well.
The wind stopped blowing, so that is a 
bonus to the day.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.  
All of my family and I go to the town 
4th of July parade.
We love it. 
It is Small Town USA
Celebrating the 4th of July.
It makes me smile. . it is so
typical of small (and large) towns across the
United States getting together to celebrate.
Later in the day I will be at a fun
BBQ with family and friends,
As soon as it turns dark the
Fireworks begin.

Ya gotta love it!