Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A New Header


Oh it is a lovely day, cool temperatures
makes me a happier person.

I have a short post today.
I just wanted to draw your attention to my
New Header

 I like changing my header with the seasons.
I think I like making headers.
It lets me use my creative ideas, and 
I can use my photos and be creative with them.

I used this picture from a couple of years ago.
I like it.  I especially like the simplicity
of my Autumn decorating.
I think I will re-visit that again!

Next I used a photo I took a year or more ago of the 
tree in front of my Great-grandpa's house.
I remember the day was so beautiful
and the sky was that deep rich turquoise blue
that only comes in September skies. 
I walked out of my Aunt's house 
(which is right next door my Great-grandpa's house)
I turned and looked up at the tree that holds so many
memories of family gatherings underneath
her branches and snapped a picture.

I am so glad I caught this on camera.
There are times when I get a camera snap
that speaks to me.  They don't come very often
but when you catch is priceless.

I put the two pictures together to create my
Autumn Header.

She is a keeper!

Have a wonderful day.


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