Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Heavens Opened And It Rained

Oh yes, The thunder rolled and the
Heavens opened and it

It was a beautiful rain.
One of those that gives you a soothing feeling.

Children playing in the rain.
What a beautiful sight and sound!

No lightening that I could see.

I could see the rain dancing on the top of 
Little Yellow Shed.

Tiny back yard loved the rain drops.
The plants were loving the much needed drink of
pure natural water from rain.
I think even the concret enjoyed the cooling
water of rain drops.

It is amazing how much greener the grass will be.
You can water from a hose all you want, but
there is nothing like Rain.

It has cooled down the outside temperature.
There is a little peek of sunshine now,
But I hope it rains a little more. 

I have had a migraine that started last night
and lasted until just a couple of hours ago,
So I am pretty much done for.
A migrain drains me.
After it is over I feel like I have 
been through "the ringer."
And I guess I have been. . . !

I hope you are having a lovely 
September Sunday.

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  1. Karie,
    We have actually gone 9 days without rain!! That is a record because over the past 2 years, we have had record breaking rain here.I did have to keep watering my plants, especially in the front as i am trying to hang on to them until October when i will replace them with mums! Thanks so much for stopping by!! we are lucky to have such a great Farmer's Market so close to us!!


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