Thursday, October 24, 2019

This and That

Normally I am really into this time of year.
I normally enjoy getting my house all 
decorated for Halloween.
But. . . . 
Not this year!
I guess I am just preoccupied with other things. Maybe I am not really into all the re-decorate and then re-decorate again.   It is very possible I am just tired. . . ! And not interested.  

Last year I scaled down on decorating, but I still
set out some of my favorite things.

My little "Witchey Witch" is a favorite of mine.
And her shoes!
I think they are darling.
And last year. . .
I was busy getting this little cutie ready
to give to my Granddaughter
for her birthday

Of course every charming Witchey Witch
Knows It Is All In The Shoes.
But this year, I am just not into
the Witchey-Witch or
her shoes
Or pumpkins or Orange or Black.

I am busy working on
other things.
It takes time to do the stitches of
cross stitch.
And sewing pieces to a quilt.
But when they are done, you will be the 
first to know.
So for now. . . 
Halloween is suffering at my house.

Stayed tuned

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Lovin' and Livin' In Thankfulness

I am so sorry I have not been
posting lately.
I am just so overwhelmed with
my daily to-do list.
I knew once my summer break ended
I would not have time for everything I
like to do, and that includes 

Besides working outside of my home
I continue to do many hobbies.
right now I am embroidering some of
my Christmas gifts.
As you may know hand-work takes a lot of time.

I will soon have some completed pieces 
I will share with you.

In the mean time I will share with you some of my 
October photos.
This is a beautiful time of year.

Oh how I love October.
The earth is beautiful.
I am Thankful for Season's

I will be back soon!

Enjoy your little spot of earth
It's October.
Be Thankful for Lovin' and Livin'
In this beautiful world.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Well hello there!
Welcome to October

It is true, I am happy to live in a world that has 
I like this time of year.
I am glad I live in a part of the earth that I get to
experience the changing of seasons.
Oh it is changing all right,
Raining here, temps are dropping.
I actually switched the furnace on.
Ya, it is true! It is changing.

Speaking of changing. . . 
I am still changing and adding things in my home
to reflect the changing season

I really don't meed another fall wreath, 
But Hey!
It was on sale!  70% off. How can I pass it up, 
besides I was up for a challenge.
Oh it was in poor shape.
I think it turned out kind of cute.

I changed The Shelf. . 
I just didn't like my first decorating arrangement.
you can see it Here
I love the amber vase that I recently acquired.
And those two Harvest plates are some of my favorites.
I also wanted a more simple look.
I really like The Shelf all decorated for the season.

My refinished buffet is looking pretty

This is her first Fall decorations.
She has always been fun to decorate,
but with her new brown/white paint re-do
she seems to be even more fun and more beautiful.

Well I have no worries Teddy is on guard!
He actually thinks he owns the neighborhood.

Yes sir, Little Teddy is a diligent guard dog!
He lets me know if someone or something
or whatever it maybe is outside of his window 
or anywhere near his domain.
But he will run like the wind to the protection of
his Mommy (me) if he thinks he might be in "real danger"
Oh my little buddy,Teddy Roosevelt.....
His brother Cash is in the bedroom 
under the bench in his snuggly bed
Teddy is too noisy for Cash!

I hope you are having a wonderful
First October.