Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas ~ This Year Is A Blur

The time of the season when 
All is Calm All is Bright.
It is the Season to be Happy, and Joyful.

Safely to say for many this Christmas 
is full of Sorrow and Grief.

Not to mention a time of worry and stress.

My dear sweet Sister -in-law
passed away unexpectedly
December 15th.

Alan my brother and his beautiful wife Julie
Our hearts are broken.
And my brother's heart is in pieces.

Julie was a beautiful person,
One of the most charitable, gentle people I have ever known.
She was a hard worker. 
She is the mother of 6 children.
Her children adored her. But not as much as Julia adored her children.
She was devoted to her husband, Alan
51 years of marriage says a lot.
She took care of her parents as they aged and slipped from this life.
She was the youngest of 3 sisters and 1 brother.

She loved my family.  We raised our children together.
She was a sister to me.  I only have my brother, no other siblings.
I never liked to say she was my Sister -in-law. 
She was my Sister.

So. . .this year Christmas was sad.
But I must say,
We were all comforted. . . The Prince of Peace
Whose"Peace surpasses all other Peace"
The tiny Babe born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago
was and is Jesus The Christ.
He healed the lame,brought sight to the blind.
ministered among the lowest of low,
and confounded the learned.
He is Master of the Earth and all things upon it.
He is Jesus Christ, the Great God of the Universe.
When our hearts are heavy, and tears of sorrow fall
It is He who will heal our broken heart,
He will not leave us comfortless.
And in His Time He will restore all things.
And wipe away our tears.

I believe in
Jesus Christ 
and all His promises will be fulfilled.

Yes, when in our darkest hours,
there is still much 
Joy, much Happiness.
All is calm all is bright.


Saturday, December 7, 2019

Christmas Tree 2019

Well as you may know
Christmas this year  is not how I want it to be.

And the Christmas tree I improvised 
was making me even more miserable.

I have got to have some Christmas cheer in my home.
So, Today I re-decorated my tree.

 I feel much better. Not the best tree I have decorated,
but. . . it will do.
My tangled mess is not as overwhelming to me tonight.
This is the most Glorious Time of The Year.
It is when we celebrate the Savior, Jesus Christ's birth.
I want to feel the Spirit of Christmas and
most of that feeling is within my home.

I will enjoy my last Christmas in my little Condo
with my simple decorated tree.

There is no place like home
especially at


Friday, December 6, 2019

Not My Ideal Christmas

Some years are not the "Ideal"

I hope you all have the Christmas you dream of.
God Bless You All Year Long.