Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Trying To Stay Strong

Oh my dear friends, I pray
you are all doing well.
These are truly hard times,
but I know we can be strong and
The Lord will help us endure.

On of my favorite scriptures is
2 Corinthians 8-13
This is a beautiful discourse from
Paul of the New Testament.
Despite our desire to have our trials and pains 
taken from us, 
it doesn’t always happen. 
Sometimes all we can do is press forward 
with faith  and take comfort in knowing 
that when we turn to Christ,
 He can give us the strength 
we need to overcome.

He will give us strength beyond our
own understanding.

I am trying to stay busy.
as you all know I moved a few months ago.
I am still putting things away.
And trying to find a home for every thing.
I must say, some things are moved
because it just doesn't feel right.
And other things are temporarily
put in a place until I can find a home for it.

Well this little beauty didn't have
a home, she was in a closet!

.....Oh No! that won't do!
She is way too pretty to be in a closet.
Besides, I love and cherish her.

My Cedar Chest
was my Christmas gift from my Daddy
in 1965 I was 17 years old.
Most all young girls at this time period
had cedar chests or Hope Chest.
They were used to fill with a
definition:  the clothes, household linens and other
belongings collected by a bride for her marriage.

Well my Cedar Chest was filled and it is
still filled but much of it is filled with

Some time I will show you.
That will be another post.
For now she is in my living room.
And I think she goes very well with
my country vintage style.
It is actually called Early American.
It is a Lane Cedar Chest.
Lane no longer makes cedar chests.
Young women no longer have
My daughter had one. I made sure of that.

I am also finding places to hang
some of my wall decor.
I hung my cute white mirror
in the den/t.v room.

I sincerely hope you are doing well.
Be sure to stop by again
as I show the progress in
Apt. 157

I will be joining
Inspire Me Tuesday

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  1. Hello, my sweet friend!!!!
    Love that you have found a wonderful place for this lovely treasure of yours!! It is such a beautiful piece that holds so many memories in more ways than one, I am sure!! Look at this time as time to get used to your new abode and "play" in making it your own!! Everything looks so charming and I look forward to seeing more!!Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!! I am thrilled that we will be getting a new priest and will be able to return to Mass at our beloved parish. We knew that something did not feel right about him and I guess we were right...
    Stay safe, healthy and happy, my friend!!


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