Thursday, April 23, 2020

A Homebody Staying Home

So, how is it for a 
Homebody to stay HOME?
Not hard at all except. . . . 
I miss my family!
I talk, I text,  I send virtual hugs but nothing is a
replacement for seeing family and friends in person.

This was US a year ago at my two Granddaughters
High School Graduation!.  I have my youngest
grandson (white shirt) who is graduating this year.
There won't be the traditional ceremony but
it will be memorable for sure.  Hopefully we will
all be together to celebrate by the end of May.

Somehow things always work out.

So, I just continue to work on the things that need to
be done in my Apt. 157.  

Not finished. . . but it is started,
The hard part is getting the shelf hung.
I did it myself and it is level!
I have some other things going up 
I think it will turn out - I hope -

Do you ever make something and you know it
needs more but. . . what?
Well that is how it was with this wreath.
It needed something more than a bow.
And then I happened to go to JoAnn's
(Yes, I was all masked up and gloves on)
My JoAnn's is very small and everyone
was keeping the "social distancing"
They had birdhouses unfinished for $1.
They caught my eye and I knew what I would do.
It was fun doing a simple little project
painting a birdhouse.

So my days are spent enjoying my little
Apt. 157.  Puttering, working, cleaning.
Doing all the things I enjoy Homemaking.

In a few days I will show you 
my bedroom.
It is still a work in progress.

I hope you come back again.
I also hope you are staying safe and
enjoying your time at HOME.


Monday, April 13, 2020

A Week--Staying Home--Pandemic

Stay At Home
Stay Safe
Social Distancing.

So what is your week like under the "Rules"
to keep us safe during the
Covid-19 Pandemic?

It really isn't hard for me to stay home.
I am a Homebody....I love being home.
But I don't like the reason I have to stay home.
At times it is frightening,
but then I feel peaceful
Just be cautious, careful and obey the Rules.

Here is my week in review

Most days I am up, dressed and ready to
begin my day.....but other days I am in lounge pants
and a tee shirt, and I am not in a hurry to
get things done. 

Teddy and Cash love that I am home all day.
Especially the days that I am in jammies.
But there are days when Teddy is in trouble!
Cash, is not a rule breaker.
He just goes with the flow.

Some day me and the Terrorists need to get out of the house.
So we take a ride around town.
Just look who has moved into the city.
They were just moseying from yard to yard.
This is right in the center of town
just down the road from my son's house.
They don't know there is a Stay at Home Order.

A letter from one of the sweet students at my school
brought a smile to my soul.  Things have really changed
for students.  I wonder if it will change the schools forever?

A bouquet of Tulips!
Ah, that brought a smile and gave me a much
needed boost to my heart!
My granddaughters and my daughter-in-law
brought me these beautiful flowers.
They left them at my door
and then we talked with our 6 feet distance.
We threw kisses and gave "air hugs".

This has been the hardest for me. . 
not being with my kids.
There is nothing that gives me more pleasure
than to have those unexpected visits from my babies.

Projects?  Some are completed and some are waiting.

Completed. . . Shutter-Mirror
Finally hung.  Which caused a little
change in the decor on the wall.
I like this better.  
The shutter-mirror found its home.

Waiting to be completed . . . 

The fabric is bought.  I just need to get in the mood
to sew curtains.
Yip, the little T.V. room that me and the puppsters love
will soon have new curtains.
I am hoping this week.  (Maybe)

Keeping up on my reading is a must.

Finally, here is what it looks like when you
have 6 feet Social Distancing
at a family bonfire roasting hot dogs.

It was FUN!

So there you have it a week while
under Stay At Home.
Social Distancing.

For me I prefer to count my blessings.
Find something every day that makes me happy.
This is life embrace it no matter the circumstances.
Pray for myself my family, my friends
and strangers....we are in this together.
I thank God every day for life.
There is always something to be thankful for.

Have a wonderful week.
Stay Home
Stay Safe.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Jesus Christ Is The Savior

 The words that echoed through out the Universe
He is Not Here!

The tomb was empty!

And because He is Risen 
We will be too!

Why Weepest Thou!

It is a time to rejoice.
It is a time to give praise.
To give glory to God!

He Is Risen!

At this time especially
Let us rejoice and celebrate.
He who created worlds without end
He who calmed the raging sea,
He who said "Be not Afraid."
"Fear not for I am with thee,"

He will calm our fears.  
He will not leave us alone.


Jesus The Christ
Is the Savior of the world.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Easter Week

Hello dear friends.
Oh thank goodness!
Something to look forward to.

I don't know about you but,
I am happy to have
something to look forward to.

I haven't done much holiday decorating.
I am too busy just getting the
"regular" decorating done.
Besides being under the 
Stay Home, Stay Safe
I haven't wanted to go to my storage.

I love decorating for EASTER!
I loved the pattern on these
Ceramic Eggs and the Bunny has a similar design.
It is just a simple tabletop vignette,
But it gives a little 
Easter Happiness!
I hope you are finding a little
Easter happiness in your surroundings.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Kitchen ~ Still Working On Ideas

Hello my friends,
I sincerely hope you are doing well.
We are living in troubled times.
One can not help but have moments of fear.
We have never gone through 
something like this.

I am calm and I trust the Lord,
but there are times I have a wave of fear 
come over me.  But having said that
I feel things will eventually be ok.
We must stay strong, take care of our own health
and help those who need our help.

I am trying to stay focused on my
little apartment #157.

My poor little kitchen is . . . 
well,  it is pathetic. 

I can say that...... It is my kitchen.
I am doing my best.
I have a few ideas for in the future.
I do like my red shelf over the sink.

The red and white plates and the chicken
plates look cute on the shelf.
I still need to find more of my 
kitchen decor,

I am very restricted with what I can do.
If I could I would paint the cupboards.

For now, I will use what I have.  Shop my own moving boxes!
I will use my decorating talents on a very limited budget
and very restricted things I can do.

So stay tuned. . . let's see what I come up with.