Thursday, April 23, 2020

A Homebody Staying Home

So, how is it for a 
Homebody to stay HOME?
Not hard at all except. . . . 
I miss my family!
I talk, I text,  I send virtual hugs but nothing is a
replacement for seeing family and friends in person.

This was US a year ago at my two Granddaughters
High School Graduation!.  I have my youngest
grandson (white shirt) who is graduating this year.
There won't be the traditional ceremony but
it will be memorable for sure.  Hopefully we will
all be together to celebrate by the end of May.

Somehow things always work out.

So, I just continue to work on the things that need to
be done in my Apt. 157.  

Not finished. . . but it is started,
The hard part is getting the shelf hung.
I did it myself and it is level!
I have some other things going up 
I think it will turn out - I hope -

Do you ever make something and you know it
needs more but. . . what?
Well that is how it was with this wreath.
It needed something more than a bow.
And then I happened to go to JoAnn's
(Yes, I was all masked up and gloves on)
My JoAnn's is very small and everyone
was keeping the "social distancing"
They had birdhouses unfinished for $1.
They caught my eye and I knew what I would do.
It was fun doing a simple little project
painting a birdhouse.

So my days are spent enjoying my little
Apt. 157.  Puttering, working, cleaning.
Doing all the things I enjoy Homemaking.

In a few days I will show you 
my bedroom.
It is still a work in progress.

I hope you come back again.
I also hope you are staying safe and
enjoying your time at HOME.


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  1. Karie,
    We too are waiting to hear if our great niece Cortney's graduation and prom will be postponed...They are talking end of July or August.. We hope so because she has been through so much with losing her Dad...I love the wreath and I am anxiously awaiting the bedroom reveal! I too am a self proclaimed homebody and love being home and nothing much has really changed for me during this health crisis!! Glad you are enjoying your retirement and your sweet apartment!!


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