Friday, September 24, 2021

I Will Be Back

 I have to say, I was going to give up on my blog.  I really thought my blogging days were over.  BUT.... how can I leave?  I just can't do it.

I created this blog lover 12 years ago.  I loved blogging.  Until the blogging world changed.  It is so different from when I started.  It was a Friendship!

I made some great friends, I will never see them in this life, but I am here to say some day in the Great Eternal Home, I will find my blogging friends.  

So.... my little blog is coming back.  I don't care if my blogging style is outdated... I like vintage and antique things.  I don't care that my style of decorating is not the current and new trends.  Guess what? I decorate little Apt 157 how I like.  It is my home, my style and I love it.  I don't make a dime from my blog.  I have no affiliates.  I blog just for the pure joy of blogging.  I hope along the way I share kindness, thankfulness, and a little light in a sometimes dark world.  

I hope you will join me as I get back on the path of blogging....
 There may be a few changes in what I post about.  I am sure there will be some stories about my everyday life.  Decorating, being a Mom, A Grandma and new to me great Grandma... or lovingly called Grammy Great! It will be a lot of things that are just part of life.  Nothing fancy, just life... I will see you soon, like real soon. 
                       Let's get this blog back on the path. 

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